About Boiler King

THE Boiler King strives to treat every customer fairly and with respect providing a royal package for a fair price.

Anthony a father and a husband has always had the goal to be self employed and self empowered.  Anthony wanted to create something successful for himself and for his family even when most odds where against him. Like any person he wanted to live the American dream!

His American dream one day is to have his whole family included in the business to be successful together and to have something to pass down to generations to come.  As of right now the boiler king has 6 employees and is growing one of these employees being his oldest son Anthony Comeau Jr who has been learning the trade and helping with the family business.  He hopes to one day take the business to the next step and become a franchise across the country and eventually across the globe.

The Boiler King strives to provide quick but excellent service for a fair price. We want every customer to be completely satisfied. The Boiler King goes the extra step to not only provide excellent work but to show the customer we genuinely care about all out customers, we don't just fix the issue we educate you on the issue to further prevent these issues and keeping money in the customers pocket.